The Library Files


Three kids unravel secrets of their local library when they’re recruited to protect the collection of magical books.

The Library Files is a 22-minute mystery adventure series inspired by a lifelong love of libraries and books, as well as many years of personal experience working at real libraries.

A full pilot script is in progress. Please email me if you are interested in seeing more of this project!

character sketches page.jpg

(Character designs and lineart by Lauren Mattson, color by me)

Agent & Alien

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 11.26.08 AM.png

A plucky young alien stranded on earth teams up with a grizzled special agent to combat a menagerie of extraterrestrial creatures. They must work together to contain the threat if he ever hopes to find a way home.

Agent & Alien is an 11-minute sci-fi buddy comedy. We are currently working on a short independent comic featuring the characters.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 11.25.55 AM.png

(Characters designed by Lauren Mattson)

Warp & Woof

(Character art by Lauren Mattson)

(Character art by Lauren Mattson)

woof 001.jpg


Warp & Woof is a short film pitch developed with Lauren Mattson, who helped with the character designs and some of the boarding. We would love to move forward with these characters and develop a comic or animated project.