Woof Clean Pose (1).jpg

(Art by Lauren Mattson)

“Warp & Woof” - Original Animated Short Script

Warp and Woof are scaredy-cat sheepdogs tasked with protecting the flock from danger while the shepherdess Marianne is away, but they panic when they let their imaginations run away with them.

Originally pitched to the Nickelodeon Shorts Program, this short has already been storyboarded, but has yet to be produced.


Bob's Burgers Spec Script - “Gone Quackers”

When Bob and Linda cut the kids' allowance to pay for renovations, Louise hatches a get-rich plan to ducknap a beloved pet and hold it for ransom.


Steven Universe Spec Script - “Déjà Vu”

Pearl takes Steven and Connie to a special place where she trained with Rose, but things start getting weird when Steven suspects that they’ve been having their memory wiped repeatedly by nefarious flowering vines.